Before buying and/or restoring a car, considerable thought must be given to what you want the end product to be and how you will use it. It is important that you get the right car, the one that will give you the most enjoyment.

Typically, car collectors seem to fall into two categories:

The Casual Collector

If your objective is to enjoy weekend drives or the occasional vintage tour, you should consider buying a nice street car. You will need to pay enough to get one that is already very clean and basically road-worthy, but it will be far less costly than fixing up a bargain car with problems. Similarly, if you already own a car that is in need of a lot of work, it is often less expensive to trade up. While there will always be minor restoration and service work to do on any car that is 40+ years old, it can usually be done while the car stays in use.

Profit should be last on the list of reasons for getting involved in an extensive restoration project. Historically, the best value appreciation comes from selecting a sound original car with moderate mileage and a good history, and then maintaining it well over time. Those who wish to turn a fast buck will have no patience for the unpredictable schedule and costs of first class restoration work. The increase in value as a result of the restoration work rarely exceeds the monetary investment.

The Perfectionist 

For those who prefer to own a classic car that has been made new again, we recommend our unique remanufacturing process; typically double the cost of acquiring and servicing a street car. Every part of the car, from the engine, running gear, upholstery, paint, and chrome to the smallest detail, will be brought back to the original manufacturer’s specification. The car will be built to order – to your order, just as the workshops of the era would have done.

Personal satisfaction is the best reason to revive one of these great classics. The European classics built prior to the 1960s have a quality of construction not found in modern cars, and their low production numbers assure you that you own something very rare and special. Over the long term, the finest example in any group of collectibles brings the greatest rate of appreciation and comparatively higher selling price.

You Do Once.

Do It Right.

Whatever the level of you interest in car collection, the selection of a suitable car will have a major impact on your ultimate satisfaction. We are always available for consultation, to review a car you have found, or to locate the car of your dreams. Define your goals, choose an appropriate car to meet those goals, and you will achieve success. so it once. Do it right.



Ornduff Craftsmanship is solely dedicated to the preservation of antique Pre-W W2 coach-built cars and to any timeless classic.

When my wife and I opened for business, we did not have a grand plan for the future. However, we did have a commitment to quality workmanship and service, and hoped that enough customers would desire that level of service to support a dedicated crew. – Sean Ornduff

We operate out of 5,000 square feet consisting of 2 buildings, 3 bay work area facility, staffed with highly experienced mechanical, paint & body, and coach building craftsmen. At Ornduff Craftsmanship, our philosophy is simple: we service the total car. Our Shop employs qualified technicians and has acquired the special equipment necessary to perform a full range of mechanical, coach-building, paint & body, and machining all in one facility. This results in a more effective use of time and materials, plus the ability to plan, coordinate, and verify those important details that are necessary for top quality work.


Sean Ornduff is a past graduate of the Fay Butler metal shaping school and apprentice program. Sean’s shop, shapes, fabricates and restores automobiles of all sorts of high‐end classics; they can do it all. Sean has assembled a professional metal shaping facility. Some of the machines consist of air planishing hammers, Pullmax machines, kick shrinkers, wheeling machines and Pettingell power hammer.

Ashley Griffin

Billy Parker


Honest, Integrity, hard-working, attention to detail, caring and above all, friends. These are the words I would use to describe Sean & each of his employees. They are good people!

Daniel Callaway

Without question, Sean Ornduff and his team are the best in the business. Whether restoring a car from the ground up or having maintenance done on a classic or street rod, there are no better craftsmen around. You can depend on Sean and his team’s honesty, integrity and quality in everything they do.

Ed & Debbie Stacey

Y’all have done me a great job super quality work handled all issues very professionally I have been really pleased with everything.

Bill Marek

This car changed from a white over gold patched up beater to a true work of art. The paint is truly amazing, the mechanical work was done very well, the design was creative and the sheet metal fitting was impressive. My only regret was that I didn’t take it to you all in the very beginning, sat down with a plan and let you all facilitate every part of the conversion.

Ken French


Metal Shaping

Past Projects

Coach Building

Wood Graining



Metal Fabrication & Shaping

The great classics and production of cars built preWW2 and up to the 1960’s were orignally assembled the old fashioned way: by hand. Our master craftsman, Sean Ornduff, literally re-manufactures a car from the ground up or piece by piece, using a multitude of skills and massive amount of perseverance.

Sean Ornduff also shapes metal for aviation and art.


 Turn Key Builds

Our full restoration process involves a true commitment to craftsmanship. We continue to set the highest of standards and have developed a unique style in the restoring process that virtually makes your classic new again. It is not unusual for our one-of-a-kind projects to entail:

  • At least 2-3 technicians in various disciplines that remanufacture the car to the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Hand-finish trim parts before re-chroming them, to manufacture no-longer-available parts.
  • A number of hours to research and locate original parts and materials using domestic and/or international sources.
  • It takes an average of 3000 man-hours to complete a typical 20’s to 50’s car.
  • Extensive road testing of the finished product and fine tuning.

For a restoration, every component is examined and either reused, rebuilt or replaced. We are dedicated to a restoration process that faithfully replicated the materials and construction details used by the original builders.

Business-Matters_Gold-600-WHITESean Ornduff founded Ornduff  Craftsmanship on the principles of integrity, quality control and services to the client. We administer the financial side of each project with the same high standards and professional manner with which we perform our restoration and service work.

Project-Outline_WHITE-600Simply put, but of the utmost importance, is the reality that no two jobs are exactly alike – not even when the model is identical. Over the decades since the car was first produced, the care provided and service work performed can be so varied that there is little to compare from job to job. Because each restoration of major service commission is unique, each work list must be tailored to specific needs of the individual car, and to the priorities of the collector. The history of the other completed projects can only be a rough guideline for one about to begin.

Estimate_WHITE-600As noted above, it is difficult to provide meaningful estimates for extensive restoration and service work. The initial to-do list for a project will inevitably expand as the work progresses. This can be the result of conditions that we uncover during the disassembly process and/or an owner’s additional requests. Consequently, the time and money required for the complete job would then need to be adjusted.

Scheduling_WHITE-300Precise scheduling of the service and restoration needs of an 40-80 year old car is nearly impossible. Changes in the work list of an ongoing project can affect the start date of subsequent jobs. We do work very hard to not set aside any job until it is completed.


Work-List_WHITE-600We provide clear and current billing information to expedite the efficient completion of each project, whatever its scope. Charges for labor, parts and outside services are listed on weekly repair records along with detailed labor descriptions. If it becomes necessary to put a car in storage until the requested payment arrives, those charges plus interest on past due amounts will be billed to the project. Naturally, up to date accounts receive top priority in the shop schedule and full payment of all outstanding bills is required upon completion.


Responsibility_White-150Surely one of the most rewarding moments in a restoration is when you first take the wheel of your “new” classic car. However, restoration work is a labor intensive and unpredictable endeavor. Our responsibility is to perform high quality work line with your personal objectives for the car, and to work closely with you throughout the job. We make no representation regarding how our work will affect the value of your car.

Guarantee_WHITE-600-600Understandable, some prospective customers inquire as to what kind of guarantee we provide on our work. While a formal warranty policy is available on request, your ultimate security is our commitment to protect our most valuable asset-our impeccable reputation. We have earned that reputation by employing experienced, dedicated people and providing the best possible service to our clients. Virtually all of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals. Above all, we are a service company. 


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